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    West Country Prince

    The mysterious West Country Prince produces faithful replicas of Banksy's most famous screen prints using similar techniques and materials. With Banksy prints now ranging from a minimum of £20,000 to over £500,000, for many this is the only way to hang a piece that looks like a Banksy at a fraction of the price. 

    With Banksy's Pest Control organisation clamping down quickly on any copyright abuse of Banksy imagery, the fact that WCP has been allowed to sell these pieces over many years has prompted speculation that he or she is an old friend of the street artist, or even the artist himself. Or maybe Banksy just doesn't give a toss, who knows! 

    Our WCP pieces are framed using conservation methods and we use low reflection glass as standard. But if you would like a WCP print framed a particular way, we'd be happy to oblige. 

    Please also be aware that all of these prints are screen printed by hand. This means that the prints may feature "imperfections", as the paper can shrink or stretch with every colour added. The ink can also scuff and mark, just as the original Banksy prints did!