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    We offer a comprehensive programme for trade partners, and work directly with you to find the right artwork for your project. For more details please contact us using the form provided, or read below to find out more about our services.

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    With the high increase in residential and commercial developments, it's essential that your property stands out within the market. Specifically sourced artwork for your project can enable this, helping potential buyers to visualise what can be achieved within the surroundings. The visual inspiration gained from curated artwork, as opposed to generic pieces, will also assist in making the development more memorable.


    When sourcing artwork for interior projects, it's of upmost importance that the pieces chosen follow the brief. We will work directly with you to find the perfect artwork for the space, from initial suggestions based upon the budget and preferred styles, to the final hanging and curation. Whether the client would prefer limited edition prints or originals, or is seeking specially commissioned one off pieces, we can recommend artists for all tastes.


    First impressions are crucial, especially within hospitality settings. We liaise with each client to ensure that when a customer walks through the door of their venue, not only are they are greeted with an interior that complements the brand, but sets a positive precedence to their experience. Whatever the budget, you can guarantee that the artwork chosen will provide a long-lasting impact!


    Not only can art in the office be aesthetically pleasing, but it can also boost morale, increase motivation and create an uplifting environment for employees and visitors. We work closely with each client to ensure that the collection chosen reflects the vision of the company; whether it's a few stand out pieces in core areas of the office, or a variety of artwork for the entire space.