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    1. The £250 voucher is valid for one entire order only (excluding shipping), and is only valid for certain artists (please see the list below). 
    2. The voucher can be redeemed on artwork (and framing of the artwork if applicable).
    3. The voucher can be redeemed in the gallery, over the phone, or via the online store.
    4. To redeem the voucher online, please enter the code at the checkout.
    5. The code can only be redeemed on any items by the following artists:  67 Inc; Adam Koukoudakis; Ai Weiwei; Alanna Eakin; Alessio B; Alex Bucklee; Alex Cherry; Andrew Carter; Angela Morris-Winmill; Anna Marrow; Ben Eine; Bonnie and Clyde; Dan Baldwin; Dan Hillier; David Shrigley; Daze; Dorothy; Dr D. a.k.a Subvertiser; Euan Roberts; Gabriel Moreno; Gina Soden; Harriet Richardson; Heath Kane; Helio Bray; Jacky Tsai; james Talon; Jayson Lilley; Jess Wilson; JJ Adams; Jo Peel; Joe Webb; Kate Gibb; Katy Jade Dobson; Kristjana S Williams; Lauren Baker; Lene Bladbjerg; Lora Zombie; Louise McNaught; Lucie Bennet; Lucy Farley; Lush; MAD; MadC; Maria Rivans; Mercedes Lopez Charro; Mole & Rob; Nick Walker; Noa; Not Now Nancy; Oddly Head; Oli Fowler; Otto Schade; OUCH; Ouizi; Pam Glew; Poppy Westwell; Prefab77; Pure Evil; Rose Blake; Roy's People; Ruben Ireland; Russell Marshall; Sandra Blow; Sara Pope; Saskia Leboff; Shane Turner; Shuby; Stephanie Henderson; Stinkfish; Survival Techniques; Swifty; Swoon; Tavar Zawacki; The Ripper; The Strange Case Company; Victoria Topping; West Country Prince; WJP
    6. The voucher cannot be redeemed on any items on sale, items in Vault Sales, or any other offers, discount or gift vouchers.
    7. The voucher is valid for use until 18th February 2022.