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    Rosco Brittin

    Rosco Brittin is a London based artist specialising in screen printing and street art techniques. He explores the universe of natural and unnatural camouflage dipped heavily in a light fantastic, producing work that has been described as “when special F/X and paper first meet”.

    Born and bred in a video shop in Kings Cross during the 80’s and later cutting his young proverbial art teeth working with the likes of Damien Hirst & Sokari Douglas Camp CBE, Brittin’s early experience in the creative circle was uniquely strange at best.

    To produce his masterpieces, Rosco uses individually cut out pieces of vintage wallpaper and classic paintings. Each piece of ephemera is scanned onto the computer in order to create a "feast for the eyes", and via Photoshop, Rosco arranges these in a manner which will keep you looking for hours on end.