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    Oddly Head

    Oddly Head is the alter ego of Tim Fishlock. Tim began work on Oddly Head at the beginning of 2014. Laid low by life and hooked up to an IV drip of Pop Art, Adam Curtis documentaries and books by John Gray, all the while soundtracked by John Cooper Clarke’s Chicken Town, he coughed up a body of work that is both alarming and hilarious. It’s also rather beautiful.

    Using collage to devastating effect, Oddly Head launches an attack on our own ravenous species and its subjugation of all other life forms, the relentless pressure to consume, the resulting Death Star-sized trash heaps of defunct product and our increasingly unnatural attitude to food production. 

    Elsewhere, the creatively impoverished, morally hollow world of Hollywood is distilled into its three innate components – guns, explosions and women in peril.