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    Dan Baldwin

    Dan Baldwin is a contemporary British artist known for his kaleidoscopic paintings and ceramics. Born in 1972 in Manchester, United Kingdom, he went on to receive his BA from Kent Institute of Art and Design in 1995.

    Baldwin often features a mixture of sinister and innocent imagery, clashing cartoon characters with icons of skulls and guns. He currently lives and works Sussex, United Kingdom.

    1492: Dan Baldwin - 'Tv Eyes' (Framed) 1492: Dan Baldwin - 'Tv Eyes' (Framed)Sold Out
    £1,500.00 £1,750.00
    2161: Dan Baldwin - 'Anomie' (Framed) 2161: Dan Baldwin - 'Anomie' (Framed)Sold Out
    £1,650.00 £1,950.00