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    Day out at Moniker

    Day out at Moniker

    The sun was shining in Shoreditch on Friday as we parked the car next to Martin Ron's awesome mural 'David and Goliath'. Nothing like a tasty bit of street art to wet our appetite for the day ahead.

    So off we trotted, wallets stuffed full of cash, to the opening day of the Moniker Art Fair. On a mission...to find new stock for our Eye Like Christmas event at Benedicts on Dec 5th.



    We weren't disappointed, Moniker really spoilt us with a brewery stuffed full of delights, and when the day was over we staggered back to the car, arms overflowing with new arty treats.

    So what were the highlights for us? Well we met a simply stunning French artist called Delphine Lebourgeois, whose work was as gorgeous as her name. We completely fell in love with her delicate, celestial collages and intricate, rich and surrealist paintings. We're very much hoping that we'll be working with her in 2014, and we'll definitely be heading down to her Open Studio in November.



    We really enjoyed chatting to James who was looking after Dan Hillier's space (Dan was apparently away meditating!). His black line drawings fusing Victoriana with a gothic surrealism were bang up our street. We picked up an artist proof of Father Stag which looked stunning in a heavy gilt frame. Definitely one for the Christmas show if we can resist hanging it above the fireplace.

    Lene Bladbjerg, a Danish graphic artist based in London, had a series of great pieces. We particularly liked her montages of razor blades and scalpels which were surprisingly calming, but settled on a few of her graphic prints which we feel sure will be popular at our next event.

    As usual Jealous Gallery didn't disappoint, with a wall full of humour and in-your-face prints. We wanted them all...but the cash stretched to a few more of the mini mugshots by Russell Marshall that were so popular at our launch event. Then round the corner to Scream where we couldn't resist the 'Ali on Coke' print by Thai pop artist Pakpoom Siliphan. Knock yourself out on that people.

    And last but definitely not least was Vinz, that enigmatic Spanish street artist who fuses monochromatic nudes with stunning paintings of birds and lizards in a delicious blend of social and political commentary . It was never a question of do we buy...just which ones. We finally settled on Caution and Kikiriki...somehow I don't think we'll be selling these!



    So what a great day. And what we've discovered since we started to make the transition from art lovers to art sellers, is that as a rule artists are such lovely people and Moniker reaffirmed that many times over. The pleasure for us is not just about the art itself, but meeting and talking to artists that we hope will become good friends. 

    Now we can't wait for the next Fair...and we won't have to wait long as it's the Affordable Art Fair just next week. Smashing.